Continuous Buffer Prep/Management System (CBMS)

Just as video streaming revolutionized how we play video, we have an inline-mixing/relay-tank based buffer prep solution with much smaller footprint. The small footprint and full S88 operation solution of the solution led to significant capital saving, operational saving, and better documentation. This unique process concept can be applied with either Single Use or Stainless Steel vessels for not only green field but also brown field projects. Attributed to innovative development in standardizing the functional modules and control strategies of the system, CBMS is a robust alternative to traditional tank farm for buffer prep area. The modular CBMS can be aligned to existing facility and has a S88 batch operation solution for multi-units on DCS platform.

  • Significant Saving On Capex

  • Lower Operating Cost

  • Reduced Cycle Time

  • Much Smaller Footprint

  • S88 Batch Automation

  • Better Documentation


Inline Dilution/Conditioning Process Chromatography (ICPC)

Trust Lisure Technology Co. to simplify your bioprocess. ICPC combines buffer prep and process chromatography in one step leading to significant capital and operational saving through its small footprint. Lisure ICPC achieves high dilution ratio through its patented mixing flow chamber design and a relay tank for critical buffer. Lisure's patented internal recirculation loop for each concentrate stream minimizes the buffer waste during system stabilization. The system has a DCS based process control strategy and can be easily integrated with plant DCS.

  • Chrom&Buffer Combined

  • Small Footprint

  • Minimized Buffer Waste

  • High Dilution Ratio

  • Chrom Artifacts Avoided


Integrated Downstream Process - Radial Tangential Flow (RTF) Chromatography

Find out our cutting-edge process solutions that streamline biopharmaceutical downstream processes, making them simpler and more efficient. We have combined centrifuge, depth filtration, and capture chromatography all in one elegant step. This would not be possible without several key developments: Non-clogging RTF column with high efficiency HETP, Continuous foulant filter guard, Self-enclosed recirculation, and its novel process configuration. The economical and operational benefits can not be more obvious: less capital, fewer processing steps, shorter cycle time, higher resin binding capacity, no depth filters, and fully automated.

  • One Step Integrating Three

  • Completely Enclosed Process

  • Shorter Cycle Time

  • Significant Benefits

  • Better HETP

  • Higher DBC/Less Media


4C Continuous Chromatography On DCS

We made 4C continuous chromatography easy. Continuous chromatography achieves efficient and cost-saving scale-up with smaller columns and better utilization of resin. It used to be complicated to implement but we have designed specialized valve matrix and a control strategy, DCS based control solution, all ready to go

  • Higher DBC/Less Media

  • Reduced Total Cycle Time

  • Smaller Column & System

  • S88 Batch Automation


Chromatography Columns For Scaleup Performance

Discover how Lisure Technology Co. revolutionizes the biopharmaceutical industry with our innovative process solutions. Columns do not have to be scaled wide anymore even for compressible media. Wall effect used to be a myth for columns larger than 300mm but not anymore. With superior HETP from newly designed bed-independent flow distributor, chromatography columns can now be scaled up with higher bed height and same residence time (RT). Therefore much smaller columns can achieve the same productivity as large wide columns could, reducing capital investment significantly.

  • Larger Column with Lower Bed

  • No Wall Effect @>300mm

  • Higher Bed for Soft Media

  • Better Efficiency (HETP)

  • Higher DBC/Less Media

And let's not forget

Custom Engineering And S88 Batch Automation Solution

Our team of passionate scientists and engineers, combined with experienced bioprocess solution professionals, ensures the highest quality and efficiency in building customized downstream process solutions. With our key technical competency in flow system design, high-end hardware design, control strategy design, and quality management, we provide top-notch bioprocess solutions for customers in the cGMP regulated industry. Our extensive project execution experience ensures the successful implementation of our solutions. Beyond ISO9001 certification, our adherence to industrial standards, including ASME BPE, GAMP, and ISA S88, reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Let us be the driving force behind your success in navigating custom engineering challenges in bioprocessing.

Transforming Biopharmaceutical Downstream Process

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